Remote alarm checking

What is System Monitoring?

Security system monitoring goes beyond a blaring alarm. It's a connected network of sensors, cameras, and expert professionals keeping a watchful eye on your property 24/7.

Immediate Alerts: Get real-time alerts so you can act fast and stop emergencies in their tracks.

Teamwork with Law Enforcement: Our system plays well with local law enforcement, making sure they jump into action quickly and in sync.

Your Plan, Your Way: Customize your security plan to fit your property perfectly. It's all about making sure you get the protection you need.

Super Smart Sensors: We have hardware to monitor anything you're concerned about.

What Can Be Monitored?

Video Cameras

Fire Systems

Carbon Monoxide

Water Sensors

Access Control

Almost Anything

Immediate Protection: You can switch to our monitoring today without any hardware changes.

In-home hardware

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We build custom solutions to meet your exact needs. Let us give you a free system design covering all your security threats.


Professional Installation

Our local installation technicians do all the work. They don't leave until you're protected.


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Home Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring plans for your home are simple and affordable; Here are just a few of our more popular plans.
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Business Alarm Monitoring

Our monitoring plans for your business or multisite organization are transparent; Here are a few of our options.
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Surveillance Video Wall

AI Assisted Monitoring

A high-accuracy video analytics and forensic tool that uses machine learning to deliver advanced facial and person detection using a fusion of access control and video data streams.
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Cloud Monitoring

Check out our Cloud Monitoring Dashboard – a high-tech solution that changes the game in how you handle your security setup.


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Preventia – Local, Trustworthy, Better Security

Imagine a camera picking up movement in your backyard late at night. The system instantly triggers, sending high-definition footage to the central monitoring station. Trained professionals analyze the footage, and if they see a genuine threat, they immediately dispatch emergency responders to your location. You receive real-time updates on your phone, allowing you to stay informed and take action, even from afar.