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This month: Get a free video doorbell or 2 months free monitoring for all new customers!

24/7 Monthly Monitoring for just $34.95* + first two months free.

Preventia customers pay 20-25% less on average than national competitors.
*Base rate plan; monthly cost may differ based on equipment and data storage.

Preventia is your partner for emergencies and the everyday.

Get right-away help in the event of:

Commercial Services by Preventia.


Video Surveillance


Realtime monitoring


Access Control


Fire Protection


Professional installation and programming

team excellence

And control cameras, sensors and more, right from your phone:

Preventia vs. Ring and Simplisafe:

What’s the difference?


Local professionals gets the right local services to your door, faster

Fast, professional programming and installation with a service guarantee

Hand-picked, reliable equipment from the industry’s most reputable manufacturers

Change service providers without replacing equipment (we’re constantly earning your business!)

Constantly tested with automatic upgrades

Personal, professional support comes to your home

Encrypted keypad signal

We guarantee it works all the time if you hook it up correctly.

Out-of-the-Box System

Monitored from thousands of miles away, by people who don’t know your town and neighborhood

DIY programming and installation: confusing manuals, flimsy stick-ons, and hours of programming trial and error

Cheap equipment, mass produced by the company to maximize profits

Getting “stuck” with a pricey system only one company can troubleshoot and monitor

Tested periodically, upgrades must be installed

Remote-only support for software glitches and false alarms

Vulnerable to hackers

Works most of the time, hopefully.

Easy 4 step process

Peace of mind starts here.

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.


Start your FREE custom quote now to book your 30 minute in-person appointment or same-day video walkthrough.


Our security experts will create a customized security plan for you to review on the spot. Get everything you need, nothing you don’t.


Our experts will install and program your system, and show you everything you need to know to make the most of its features.


Our local monitoring team is by your side 24/7, no matter what.

Advanced tech? We’ve got it. (And so do you, in our Smart Home App)

In-Home hardware

Safety and Convenience

Award-winning Service


We exist to help people sleep at night and get the most out of their day.


Preventia was super helpful in teaching me how to operate everything. The tech tested the alarms and got everything working A+.

Samantha P.
CEO, Keen IT Solution

Preventia did a great job. They were on time with the appointment and did a very good job with the installation. They also gave a great explanation of the equipment and its functions. I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.The company seems to be very professional, courteous and helpful.

Kenneth T.
CEO, Pro Theme

Preventia quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it . My technician went on to show me what to look for if the problem returns.

Andy W.

Preventia was very detailed and professional. Will use him again.

Patty R.
CEO, Brick Consulting

Preventia was very professional and very helpful. He made sure our alarm system was working properly.

Teresa P.
CEO, Keen IT Solution

Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is an essential part of any business security plan.

It can help you to deter crime, investigate incidents, and protect your assets and people.

Smart Video Search

Search your surveillance video the same way you search the web.

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search allows users to search all of their surveillance video from any camera to find specific people, vehicles, and objects (IE: person in a red sweatshirt, Toyota truck, backpack).
Emargency Services

Ready to get started?

You’re just a few steps away from your custom home security system.

Temperature Detection

You have taken great care to ensure that your facility is climate controlled because your inventory is important. A failure in your system could be catastrophic.
Quick response to temperature changes is the key to minimizing loss and we can help. Preventia monitored climate detection equipment will notify you when temperatures get too high or drop too low.
No phone line? No problem.

Wireless Monitoring

Preventia not only offers, but encourages cellular monitoring through our wireless, cellular communicators. Easy to install and use, these communicators reduce the threat of landline tampering and guarantee a reliable connection. Cellular monitoring gives you the ability to control your system remotely, track activity on your alarm, and integrate home automation devices as well!
This service does not alter or replace existing cell phone service plans.
Preventia Security also offers internet monitoring through hard-wired internet connections and WiFi. Chat with our inside sales rep through our Bot or contact our sales consultants for more information.

Fire Protection

Home fires cost $9.8 billion in damage

and take nearly 3000 lives per year¹

Early detection and quick response times are key. Monitored smoke and CO detectors are active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– whether your alarm is “armed” or not.

Commercial-grade equipment with a modern look, our fire detection systems alert you and authorities to potential dangers while you are home or away.
Don’t forget to take advantage of insurance discounts for customers with monitored fire systems.
Emargency Services

Preventia protects your home and your budget.

Get personalized security plus BIG savings on your homeowner’s insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We love your can-do attitude. Preventia customers get the benefit of a customized system, professionally built just for them. Our expertise means you get everything you need in a security system, and nothing you don’t.
Great question. Local Service with Preventia means that the people monitoring your calls and alerts 24/7 live in Middle Tennessee. With other companies, your emergency might be handled by someone in Utah or Arizona, or even overseas. Preventia’s professionals care about your safety and are familiar with the services and resources available right here where we live and work.
Most home insurance providers offer significant discounts to customers with active home security systems, because having a home security system is a proven way to reduce the risk of home break-ins and other claims.
Our Smart Home app is built on the Honewell TotalConnect 2.0 platform, designed to work specifically with the systems we install. The app allows you to control a wide range of alarm and home automation functions, from arming and disarming the system to locking doors, turning lights on and off, and monitoring live feeds from cameras and video doorbells.
Yes. Our Preventia Smart Home app allows you to control your system and home automations (lights, locks, outlets, and more) from anywhere in the world.
Every Preventia home security system is different. Our customers can include video doorbells, outdoor cameras, indoor cameras, and more in their customized security systems.
Our professional installers pre-program your equipment before your installation appointment, so installation is quick and easy. For an average-sized home, the entire process takes about an hour.
Yes. Our systems can be uninstalled and reinstalled in a new residence. However, most of our customers opt for installing a new system in a new home, as the number of doors, windows, etc. will be different and their needs will change. A professionally installed system increases your home’s value, and that additional profit makes it easy to install a Preventia system to your new residence, or have our team take over monitoring for an existing system in your new home.
Absolutely. Our systems are fully customizable, and ready to adapt as your needs change.
Our monitoring service constantly tests your system to ensure it’s up and running 24/7, and alerts you right away to any issues with the system. Most out-of-the-box systems only test periodically.
Our Smart Home App is wi-fi and data enabled, and our systems operate on a cellular network with a battery backup. Your system will continue working even if wi-fi is down or the power goes out.
When our monitoring center receives any type of distress signal, we immediately contact you via phone. If you’ve set your alarm off by accident, simply provide your password to cancel the alarm. If you’re experiencing an emergency, our team will gather important information and dispatch the appropriate services (police, fire, ambulance, etc).
Probably not. Our motion detectors are pet-proof up to 80lbs. For larger breeds, we recommend specific settings. Your professional installer will help you find the right settings for your lifestyle.
We do require a monitoring contract for service. This helps us keep our pricing affordable and makes it possible to provide enhanced security features and top-notch monitoring for all of our customers.

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On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.

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